Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Miracles...Cudami...Un Miracle

I am currently trying to study for finals, review a huge paper that holds 40 percent of my final grade, and get some work in. These things have been ruling my life lately, and I hope that today will bless me with a change of heart.

I woke up this morning, remembering that I forgot to cancel a membership that would put my already slim bank account into the negative. I was so stressed, as I believed they would NEVER refund me. My phone had also recently taken a little... shower...Ugh! It had been a very stressful week for me, and I was feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Yes, I am aware that my stresses are TINY compared to the lives of so many, and I apologize for this rant, but the point is, it isn't a rant. I need to share my miracles

Miraculously... my roommate let me use her phone, and the man on the other end gave me a membership refund. Miraculously, my cousin had a spare phone she was willing to let me use. Miraculously, I still have great friends, great opportunities, and the University mercy card which enabled me to print my late research paper at no cost. Miraculously, my life is made of miracles.

I rarely notice them, and I'm praying that I can have more of a grateful heart because, when we get down to it, there are more important things. My worth is not based on my grades, my ability to multitask 8 million things at one time, or the amount of money I can spend on my parents for Christmas. My worth, who I am, is innate. How I progress is based on how much I love others, what time I take to do those things that REALLY matter, and my willingness to try and try again.

This was a reminder to me at a stressful time. I believe in Jesus Christ. He is the purpose behind this time of year. He is why I have hope at Christmastime. There are so many in deep need. How may I bless them? What can I do to help lighten their load, as others have lightened mine?
Joseph Brickey, The Road to Bethlehem
Liz Lemon Swindle, She Shall Bring Forth a                                                                                                                 Son

I don't know who reads this blog, if anyone does:) However, Christian or not, I would ask you a question... How have you helped another today? How will you show love tomorrow? How did you feel while doing it?

I love this video, it reminds me of the power of God in my life. I believe that a Savior was born, and that He lives for every one of us. We are the instruments in His hands in helping those around us. His love is all-encompassing. It can surpass any depression, stress, distance, sin, and fear. It is powerful as light is in combating darkness. I believe in this very strongly.

This clip is short, but the Spirit of it is powerful:)

Remember this, if you feel lonely or in need at this Christmastime. Serve others, and love yourself:) The Worth of Souls is Great in the Sight of God"

I hope my prayers for you to feel God's love at this time can be fulfilled even by reading this post:)
Much love! Z miloscia!

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